Banned from a chat room?

What is a room ban?

Bans are a more permanent restriction from a particular chat room. They will not expire for at least 30 days, and they only restrict you from the particular chat room that you have been banned from.

The Admins of a chat room may restrict entry to any user for any reason. With the exception of official Paltalk help lobbies and 'special feature' rooms. 

If you encounter a poorly run chat room we encourage you to browse the list of thousands of other rooms that are available to find another that you feel more welcome in.  Press the 'chat rooms' button on your Pal List window to find more chat rooms.

Poorly ran rooms will obviously not be popular and will eventually close. Paltalk will not interfere with the private banning practices of room 'Admins' unless the issue involves the rating of the room, illegal activity, or direct threats of violence to other users.

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