Bouncing a member

If a member is breaking the rules of the room, or Paltalk terms of service you have the power to remove (bounce) them from the chat room.

Just right click their name in the participant list.

A pop up menu will be displayed where you should select 'bounce'.

A screen will pop up asking you to fill in the reason why you are bouncing the user. The reason is not seen by the user being bounced. It is only seen by the Paltalk personnel to identify repeat offenders who are abusing chat rooms or other users.

When a user is bounced, they are prevented from re-entering your chat room for 24 hours.

Bouncing Caveats
The Paltalk server will track how many 'bounces' are executed in a chat room per day. If the number of 'bounces' per day is high, all users entering the chat room will receive a warning similar to the following: "Room admins in this chat room HAVE AND DO frequently use the power to remove members at their discretion to maintain an orderly chat room as they see fit. If this is unacceptable to you, please leave and visit one of our many other chat rooms."

If you do not want to 'bounce' a person
try a 'red dot' instead

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