What are Virtual Gifts?

What are Paltalk Virtual Gifts

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Virtual Gifts are a great way to say "Hi!" to other members in the Paltalk community. Send a Virtual Gift to help break the ice with a new Pal, to an entire chatroom, or even send a gift to yourself if you would like. Virtual Gifts can be bought by using Paltalk Credits.

How does Virtual Gifting work?

Meet Friends Buy Credits Send Gifts Get Crowns      
Meet Friends Buy Credits Send Gifts Get Crowns

send vgift

How do I send Virtual Gifts?

When you're ready to send a gift just look for this Virtual Gift icon vgift icon in the private IM window, or in the room.  Another way to send a gift is to right-click any online member in your Pal List or in the room.

When you receive a Virtual Gift, you will see this image next to your nickname.

Note: Members with privacy mode enabled can receive Virtual Gifts with private messages.

How long do Virtual Gifts last?

Virtual Gifts will always remain on your profile and groups pages.  They do not expire.

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