Are you robots or real people?

Are we robots or real people?

We are real people.  We have many volunteers that work in our online help lobbies.  They are there for you, and have no motivation other than helping the community.  A fine bunch of people they are indeed!  Cut them some slack, they are doing their very best.  If you didn't find your answer in a help lobby just email us at, or even better, 'submit a request' from the link at the top right of this web page.  Live humans are standing by!

We are also glad to help you in a live chat if you have any kind of problem with your subscription or making a payment.  You can do that by starting a chat from that little chat bubble at the lower right of this page.  The live chat is reserved for subscription or payment problems only.

We really like helping everyone and hope you are patient when waiting while we figure out the best way to help you. Giving us all the relevant information you can when you contact us sure does help speed things up.

As far as robots, we tried them but one day we came to work only to find that the robots were trying to take over.  Our staff fought bravely and many were lost, but in the end we vanquished the mechanized hoards and re-gained control.  The carnage, the masses of tangled CAT-5 cables, the smoke and sparks, it was traumatic.

Robots have their place.  They can whiz around vacuuming the carpets and dispensing our favorite fizzy drinks, but we prefer the personal touch here at Paltalk.

Long live the humans!

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