How do I delete my nickname?

How can I delete my account?

You will not be able to delete your account.  If you wish to no longer have an account you may take the following steps:

- Select 'MyPaltalk' from the 'file' menu on the main pal list window.

- Click on 'manage photos'

- Click on a photo to select it.  The picture viewer window appears.

- Click on the 'trash can' icon if you wish to delete the photo.

- When you delete a photo the next one in line will appear in the window.

- Continue to delete all the photos you like until you are finished.

- Click on the white 'X' icon to the top right of the picture viewer.

Now click the 'back to profile' button on the top right.

- Your profile page will load.

- Click on the 'edit profile' button on the left.

- Click the 'edit' button on the top right of the next window.

- Click on the 'save' button on the bottom right to save your changes.

If you wish to uninstall the program you can do so by the uninstaller.

Windows users can go to 'start menu' and uninstall from the Paltalk folder.

Android users can go the device settings / manage applications, select Paltalk from the list, force stop the app, then tap on uninstall  to remove the app.

iOS users can 'hold down' the Paltalk icon until it starts to 'wobble', then tap the 'X' that appears to uninstall the app.  Be sure to press the 'home' button when finished.

Auto-renewal customers only:

If you have a monthly subscription on an auto-renew you will need to stop the auto renew for that as well.

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