Sign up for a new nickname

Signing up a new nickname:

- Launch Paltalk

- Tap the 'sign up' button on the lower part of the screen.

A new screen comes up...

You can tap the 'Facebook' button if you would like to sign in with your Facebook credentials.

Otherwise you can enter your desired new nickname into the 'nickname' box, then enter your desired password into the 'password' box.

The email address associated with your device will be pre-populated for you.  If you like you can use a different email address, but please be sure it is a valid email address that you use on a daily basis.

When you are ready tap on the 'create account' button on the lower part of the screen.

If your selection for your new nickname was available you will be logged in and shown a brief tutorial.

If the nickname you chose was not available you will be presented with some alternative variations of the nickname, or you can choose a new one and try again.

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