Your profile on an Android device

Your profile screen and all that it does.

After launching and logging in to the Paltalk app, you see a gray toolbar near the top of the screen. To get to the profile screen tap on the 'person' icon on the extreme right side of the toolbar.

Edit your personal details:
Tap on the pencil icon near the top right of the screen, then tap on any item you wish to edit. Please note that you cannot change your nickname. You can Change or upload your profile photo, set your location, choose a country, enter some 'about me' text to describe yourself to others, set your gender, and set your birthday (only your age is shown).  To change any item tap on the small triangle to the right of the item.  When you are finished making changes, tao on the 'done' check mark on the top left of the screen.

Upload a primary profile photo:

On this screen you will see a bubble where your profile picture would be. If you don't see a profile picture, or you want to change the existing profile picture, tap on the bubble.

You can then take a new photo using your device's camera, or you can add a photo from your picture library on your device. You can also view the photos that you have already uploaded, and choose one of them to be your primary photo by tapping on it.

Please be sure to only upload 'G rated' photos. No nudity or sexually suggestive material is allowed, and if reported your profile could get banned and / or your offending photos deleted.

Virtual gifts:
This section will show all of the virtual gifts you have received. These gifts remain on your profile and never expire.

Invite your friends to join you on Paltalk:
This section will let you invite your contacts on your device to join you on Paltalk. Scroll thru the list and tap the box to the left of each nickname that you would like to invite. A check mark appears in the box for each contact you choose. You can choose as many as you like. When you are finished making selections tap on the 'invite' button near the bottom of the screen to send out your invites. If you change your mind and don't want to invite anyone at this time, tap on the 'back arrow' on the top left of the screen next to the paltalk logo.

Manage rooms I follow:
Tap on this to bring up a list of the rooms that you have marked as 'following'. Tap on any room name in the list to view the group's details. You can follow or unfollow a room from here by tapping the appropriate icon.

Subscription level:
Tap on this line for pricing information for Plus, Extreme, VIP and Prime

Purchase credits:
You can purchase 'credit packs' using in app purchasing. Tap on any credit pack to purchase it from the Google Play Store.

This screen allows you to make various settings that control certain aspects of the app. Tap on a box to enable or disable the various options. For example if you want to 'save my nickname' on the log in screen, tap the appropriate box to place a check mark in it.

From this screen you can view our FAQ, review the app, send us an email, view our terms of service and privacy policy.



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