Add new Pals

Add a new pal to your Pal List

You will want to add new friends to your Pal List.  To do so simply just right click on the username, and select 'Add Pal'. 

Search for new Pals

Click on the little magnifying glass icon on the top of the Pal List area.  Start typing as much of their name as you know, then click on the 'search Paltalk' button.

A list of possible matches will appear and you can click on the 'add' button to add anyone you like.  When you are finished click on the 'X' near the top right of the pal list area.


From within a chat group

You can also add anyone you encounter in a group to your list of Pals, or 'Pal List'.

When in a chat group just right click on anyone's nickname and select 'Add as a Pal' from the drop down menu that appears.  That's it!

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