Uninstalling Paltalk from Windows PC

From the 'Start' button

- Click on the Windows 'Start' button

- Select 'All Programs'

- Click on the 'Paltalk' folder

- Click on the 'Uninstall' icon

Paltalk will begin to uninstall

From the Windows Control Panel

- Open Windows Control Panel

- Select 'uninstall program'

- Scroll through the list, click on 'Paltalk'.

- Click on the 'uninstall' button on the menu bar of the Windows Control Panel window

Paltalk will begin to uninstall

Paltalk will uninstall or retain your account information

During the process you will be given the opportunity to retain or discard your Paltalk account names, saved passwords and settings.

If you are just cleaning house, take it slow and pay attention to the options when they are presented.


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