Pal List - Left Side

Active rooms

This area shows a list of all of the rooms that you are currently visiting.  You can quickly change between rooms by clicking on them here.  If you leave a room it will be removed from the list.


Recent conversations

When you have open message panels open, the list of open panels is listed here.  You can quickly change between message panels by clicking on your Pal's name in this list.


Online Pals

This is where you see your list 'Pals'.  You can set this area to show all Pals, or only those who are online. From here you will see whether your Pals are online, away, do not disturb mode, or offline.  You will also see a thumbnail of their profile picture if they have uploaded one, and you can even see what room they are currently visiting if they choose to show it.



Provides easy access to all aspects Paltalk.  Getting a subscription, edit your profile, set up your own chat room, buy credits, etc.



Brings up a list of chat rooms that are currently open on Paltalk.  You can view all rooms, rooms you follow, recently visited rooms, or discover rooms that Paltalk thinks you may like.

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