Video Viewer Panel

When joining a room you will notice that the room chat is on the left, and then you have web cams and the room list to the right.  The more member names you click, the more web cams appear under the LIVE VIDEOS section.

You will also notice a little green eye right next to the the nicknames of the webcams your are viewing.  By right clicking on the usernames you will also bring up a menu of various options to interacting with each member (send IM, whisper, gift, etc etc.)


When you place your cursor between the chatbox and webcams you'll see a drag bar appear.  This is how you will adjust the size of the chatbox, active webcams, and so forth.

Just hover, click, and drag your cursor.  It's that simple!

Right above the chatbox are where you will notice users that are 'now live'.  Just click 'View Webcam' to open their camera up.

Top right is where you will notice the members who are 'Talking Now', how many are 'Waiting', and you can search for members in the room.


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