Other messengers - Interop with ICQ, AOL, Yahoo

Other messengers - Paltalk Messenger Interop

The 'interop' function allows you to connect to your other pals from other messenger services, and chat with them from within Paltalk, and even invite them from those messengers into Paltalk chat rooms.

The 'interop' function supported AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and Google Talk messengers.  Unfortunately this function is no longer supported and Yahoo is unreachable at this time.  As other messengers change their protocols they too will become unreachable.  Paltalk has no plans to support this feature going forward and it will more or less die on it's own.

You can uninstall this feature without disturbing your Paltalk installation.

Click the Windows 'start' button

Select 'all programs'

Select 'Paltalk Messenger Interop'

Click on 'Uninstall' to remove the module.


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