My Room Settings (Room Access)

The 'room access' tab:

Lockword : Pick a lockword or password that would be required to join your room.  Lockwords can only use a-z and 0-9.  If you use a lockword you room is limited to TEN (10) people.  If you want more capacity in a locked room you must subscribe to a premium room.

Members must turn on their webcam to join : Requires all users to turn their web cams on when entering your room.

User is unrestricted on room join (no red dot) : Users may enter and speak, type and cam freely.

Red dot prevents text entry : If a user is 'red dotted' they may not type.

Red dot prevents video functionality : If a user has a red dot they may not be seen on camera.

A red dot always prevents a user from speaking

Who can post url's into the room : anyone / owner or admins only.  This setting prevents visitors from spamming your room while allowing admins to pass links to enhance the conversation.



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