My Room Settings (General)

The 'Room Details' tab:

Upload a picture : Click the 'pencil' icon at the lower right corner of the default picture to upload a new one.  Make it interesting and related to your subject of discussion.  No foul language displayed please.

Room name : Pick a room name that best describes your activities in about 50 characters or less.  Please note that we do not allow you to denigrate or harass or name other users in your group title.

Subscription level : Your room is free but you can pay to upgrade to get more features (more later)

Chat room URL : This is the URL or web address to your chat room.  You can share it or link to it from your web site.

Welcome message : Describe your activities or list any rules or greetings to users entering your room.  You have a maximum of 255 characters.

Category :  Your choice of category and subcategory is probably your most important decision.  You can choose by subject or geographic location.

Sub category : Further defines and categorizes your room.

Language : Select the language that is most commonly spoken in your room.

Rating : Room ratings are VERY important.  Paltalk takes room ratings seriously.  If you want a wild west free for all pick an A rating, where anything including nudity goes.  Violating a G rating is taken seriously and you can and will get banned for violating it.

G rated - No foul language in voice or nudity on camera

R rated - Foul language ok in voice but no nudity on camera (must be over the age of 18)

A rated - Foul language ok in voice and nudity is ok on camera (must be over the age of 18)

Deactivate room : Select this option if you intend to be away, or do not want your Admins opening your room while away.  De-select it so your room can be used again.


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